Dearest Max,

We all still miss you so much and we always will. There will always be a whole in our family. We found out this week you are getting a baby brother! His name is Theodore Joseph. Theodore=God given Joseph = addition. We are 22 weeks along in the pregnancy and everything looks great so far. The ultrasound went well except Teddy is already being stubborn and would not stay in a good position for the technician to get a good look at his heart so we have to have another ultrasound in 2 weeks. 😊. He is moving around like crazy in my womb and I love every second of it, even the painful seconds. Finding out he is a boy has been a little difficult. There have been two instances especially. Your 7 year old brother asked when Max was going to be the size of a watermelon. I had to remind him this baby is Theodore. Then today your 4 year old brother was parting my belly and said he was patting Max, I again had to correct him and say, no it’s Teddy in there. I realize they are young and don’t quite understand the whole concept. They only ever saw pictures of you. They never got to see you in person or touch or hold you. They only know you as pictures, like in one of their story books. It breaks my heart when I have to correct them. Even though we have a rainbow coming our way with Teddy, the clouds will remain forever. We will never forget you, and Teddy most definitely is not replacing you. 

I love you so much Maximilian! And I always will! I think about you everyday!

Love always and forever,