Dearest Max,

Things have been really good lately. Your older siblings are back at home after being gone for the week.They went to the March for Life in DC, which has always been near and dear to all of our hearts. It was very quiet while they were gone and a little bit boring.  The little ones were really not very challenging at all, which kind of surprised me.

I have still been reading blogs and just came across one that referenced another blog that Yahoo featured recently:

There was a line that she wrote that really struck me and that I completely agree with!  “…the way a mother’s heart works is like having individual hearts for each child, and when one is broken, it cannot be made whole by another. It must heal on its own.”

That is an amazing and absolutely perfect way to explain it! That even helps explaining how you can love so many children. It isn’t like your one heart is divided into (in my case) 8(9 if you include my husband)pieces, but more like your heart is multiplied. You no longer have just one heart, you have multiple hearts!

It made me smile and helped me feel every single heart and all the love I have inside me.

I love you Max! Always and Forever!