Dearest Max,
So I finally decided to be open and honest with my best friend. I started by writing a long letter and putting everything I was feeling out there and crossing my fingers that she would be open to talking. She messaged me back saying she was at work but would call me as soon as she could get some time to talk. We talked for an hour, the conversation went very well, we resolved everything and cleared up misunderstandings. We talked about some of the things I have written in this blog and it all felt so good! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can’t wait to see her again! I wish I could see her tomorrow.
We may be taking all the little ones to the bounce house on Wednesday. The older 4 are staying at grandma and grandpa’s house until Friday so they can join them for the March for Life on DC on Thursday. Caitlin is staying to play with your cousin MS, they have been having the time of their lives over these last couple days.

So with my first period over and things resolved with my best friend, I feel really good right now. I hope that this is the beginning of things moving forward and look up and more bright. I expect that there will still be sadness, but how can we know what real happiness is without the sadness. The prayers are definitely working. I will definitely continue my prayers and continue pushing myself forward.

I love you little Max! So much! Always and forever!

P.S. I got my TSH test results in, they are all in the normal range, so my thyroid is working just fine. Another concern checked off the list. 🙂