Dearest Max,

Your siblings and I went to your grave site to take down the christmas/New years stuff and dress it up a little bit for Valentines Day, However I think it looks good for anytime. I will probably change it up for St. Patricks day. Anyone who knows me, knows I love decorating and dressing up for every holiday. This is just a quick post to share my pictures of the changes.I don’t really have anything else to say as of right now. I feel a little better today. The pain and bleeding seems to be subsiding, so that is good, I should be done soon. Hopefully it doesn’t pick back up tomorrow. Keep praying for us ,I can feel your prayers working. We are still praying, although the rosary has not been happening as much as it should right now, I will try to get better about that.

So without further adu, here are the pictures from your grave:

Oh and a note about the frog; All of us have an animal that we associate with each other. Your father’s is the giraffe, mine is the wolf, Luke’s is an elephant, Alex’s is an alligator, Stephanie’s is a butterfly, Caitlin’s is a ladybug, Zach’s is a zebra, Eoghan’s is a turtle, and Juliette’s is an Owl. While I was trying to figure this out for you I kept seeing frogs here you go! 🙂

IMG_7241IMG_7234 IMG_7242 IMG_7243  IMG_7253IMG_7238

Then after we were done, Zach wanted to give you a little present. He is such a sweetheart.

IMG_7244 IMG_7245

I love you so much little Max!!! We all do! And we miss you so much!

Love Always and Forever,