Dear Maximilian,

Today was my follow up appointment. It has been exactly a month to the day since delivering you. I was nervous and scared on the drive to the appointment, but once I actually saw my doctor I felt better and was reminded of how much like him as my doctor. He did the exam and said everything healed up well and we can definitely start trying to conceive again.

I asked him all of the questions that I have been writing down the past month. He confirmed my thoughts that you were not actually 19 weeks, but we can’t pinpoint the actual time. All we know is that you were alive at our 15 week appointment and at 19 weeks 3 days my body natural released you. He pulled up Juliette’s records to see how much she weighed at the 20 week ultrasound, she was 12 oz. So you only being 2.7 oz proves you had not gotten much farther that 15 weeks. He reiterated that he did not think it was from infection, He also saw nothing that pointed to genetics or chromosomes. He even looked at the picture we had from the hospital. He also said he did not think any testing was necessary before conceiving again because I have had 7 healthy, successful pregnancies. He is re checking my thyroid to make sure that is okay and told me that increasing my intake of Folic acid can help prevent against miscarriage as well.

I asked him about being high risk with the next pregnancy, He said that he doesn’t like that term and treats all pregnancies as high risk. I also ask about having more visits during the next pregnancy and he said absolutely, whatever makes me most comfortable. He said he would see me everyday if I really wanted that. 🙂 I asked him at what gestation age should I be concerned about not feeling movement because I hadn’t felt much this time around, he said 19-20 weeks, so unfortunately not feeling movement this time around was not really abnormal. He said that my next pregnancy I could rent a doppler heart monitor if I felt like it would give me better piece of mind, but suggest I wait until we are able to hear it at the office with his first. He said we will take the next pregnancy one day at a time and hope for the best.

Overall the appointment went very well and I am excited to move forward and try to conceive again!

I love you Max! Your prayers are helping a lot! Keep praying!